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Jan 10, 2013 3:00pm EST
for me. i've got the hurricane sandy and analysts didn't have their act together. i think this year we see 8%, 10% earnings growth, even with the fiscal drag which i think is blown way out of proportion. >> because s&p capital is looking for 3% growth in the fourth quarter so you're talking about the year. scott? >> no, i'm talking about 2013. >> right. >> i totally agree with those estimates. we're going to get killed fourth quarter, but it's in the past. forget it. let's move forward. >> hey, rick, i'm going ask you a loaded question but i want your expertise on it. is there a bubble in the bond market? >> no, no. prices are lofty, but to me a bubble implies a very close to popping scenario. you talk about bubbles. when you think it's about ready to burst. it's frothy, but it's photoactualphotfrothy in actually a sean way and take the discussion we're having right now. the ecb tries to talk recovery, and things because the daxx and kaks are up, everything rowsy in europe. look at the unemployment rates. once again, the same scenario in u.s. if all you use is a barometer against econo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1